Create a packaging design idea for Hershey’s.

Mostly male, with or without kids, 35–45, works full-time.
Works hard every day and likes to enjoy some down-time in the evening with a casual, salty snack for munching on at home while watching TV, often with family or friends.

Nothing is better than going home after a long, hard day and falling into a lazy mode. Kick back, grab a snack and relax. At the end of the day, we all deserve a delicious treat.

Introducing new “Hershey’s Bring Home The Bacon”.
Chocolate bites wrapped in bacon.

Product Flavors:
Dark Chocolate Bites Wrapped In Soybean Protein Bacon
White Chocolate Bites Wrapped In Pancetta
Milk Chocolate Bites Wrapped In Honey Bourbon-Glazed Bacon